As a survivor of any sort of adversity, it is one’s mission to create a vessel that enhances, not only our own lives, but that of others. 

In what vocation we do this, is in the eye of the beholder: for me, it is to share my experiences through writing…

About Me

I’m an Aussie girl with many flaws, but I’m learning to love them — warts and all. I’ve spent much of my life self-loathing my perceived imperfections. I’ve had a lot of emotional turmoil, that has led me on a path to self-destruction — numbing the pain through the use of narcotics, cigarettes and alcohol.  

I’ve embarrassed myself more times than I can count (or consciously remember for that matter). My saving grace has been an undying fighting spirit, and the will to find self-love and acceptance: self-help is what oils the cogs of my wheels. Have I found self-love in its entirety yet, no, I wouldn’t say so, but, I am certainly on the journey towards it.

If this resonates with you in anyway, I welcome you to join me on this journey — who knows what we may discover together… What we see in others, is often a reflection of what we need to see within ourselves. That’s what Knowing Me, Knowing You is all about: self-reflection. If we are not ‘brave’ enough to self-reflect, then we are not ‘brave’ enough to love and accept ourselves!

Walk With Me

I’ve been quietly hiding in the shadows — revelling in the safety of my introversion. The world out there is scary, full of judgement.

Am I enough? Am I worthy? Do I have something to offer? Silence, so many of us suffer in it: too ashamed to admit that we are less than perfect.

As we retreat within, the pain festers, it’s poisonous — like cancer. We must share…release the toxins into the air. It’s fresh out there — so clean, so alive.

Shining a light on any situation brings illumination, clarity, and with clarity, comes freedom. Freedom, to be our imperfect-selves, in an imperfect way: just the way we were meant to be…FREE!