Are You Brave Enough To Face Your Fears?

I’ve been writing privately for as long as I can remember: my thoughts, my pain, my regrets…

I’ve always felt writing was my calling, a way to help others feel understood and supported through their times of darkness.

Through my many years in despair, I felt alone, so very alone. Too scared to turn to others out of fear: fear that I’d be judged, or worse, that I’d make another disappointed in me, it’s the disappointment that really gets to me. I’m always striving for approval, probably due to my deep seated fear of rejection and abandonment.

We all have these fears, don’t we? Fears that we aren’t good enough, fears that others won’t like us, fears, fears, so many fears. I’m sure that others have them, it’s just some are too fearful to admit that they are less than perfect.

These are the people that can’t be helped, remaining in ignorance is a much easier and desirable option… (in the short term). People like this scoff and laugh at people like me – the thought of self-awareness frightens them beyond belief. It gives a glimpse of how confronting it is to be totally honest and open with one’s own imperfections.

I don’t blame such people for the judgement, I know how scary looking in the mirror can be, but, these aren’t the types of people you’ll find on my page, these are the types that will run – far away. The ones who will stay and walk with me, are the ones who are brave enough to face themselves without the protection of a façade.

The fear of being exposed is a frightening thought! However, those of us who are ready to free ourselves from the shackles of fear and pain, are aware that in order to do this, we must strip back to the rawness of our vulnerability, and learn how to be comfortable in that space. It is here we must keep the faith, that growing comfortable within our vulnerability, is where self-acceptance can be found – that self-loving freedom.

This is my first blog post, and I can tell you, the thought of pressing the publish button frightens me to my very core, I am not comfortable with showing my vulnerability at all!

But, I know I have to if I want to embody self-acceptance, and inspire others to do the same.

The only way to overcome our fears, is to face them, look them in the eye with a steely gaze, and charge right through them, with determination and dedication to be triumphant.

That is what I’m here to do: to share with you, learn with you, and grow with you into the safety of our own blissful self-acceptance…  

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