The Reflection.

It’s time to break free!

The reflection makes a tear drop fall,
the memories though far are still so raw.
The infliction of hate, is hard to bare.
What I did to myself was so unfair.
I weep for that time, a scared little girl.
So lost, so fallen, she was back then.
An arduous task to find the fragments,
shattered into a million pieces.
Pieces so hard to fix once broken
A painstaking task to find where they fit…
Years of patience and determination,
has been the only way back to salvation.
The picture has come back into focus.
Though, the broken lines are of notice.
Although not perfect, it tells a tale.
The fragility has become unveiled.
There is nothing left to fear or hide.
Now it is forgiveness time.
To let go of the hate, to let love shine.
What was back then, does not live in the now.
The moment is here for you to be proud.
Please forgive yourself in order to allow,
the seedling to sprout out of the ground.
You’ve done the planting, the watering too.
Now shine that love –
give the strength to break through.
That is all that’s left to do.
The rest God will take care of for you.
The dawn has set, it’s time to rise.
A glorious morning –
the future of an untold story.
That future is here, in the palm of your hand.
This was always a part of the big grand plan.
Let go of the old, make way for the new.
It is your time, it is here, to start being you.

Trust me, that is all that’s left to do…
To be you,
To be you,
To be all of you!

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