There’s More To Bad Behaviour Than Meets The Eye.

It’s a common reaction to assume someone is a ‘drop kick’ if they are behaving badly or behaving in a self destructive manner. It’s the surface appearance, what the eye can easily see.

Many stop at the surface, the ‘drop kick’ is assessed, judged, condemned and then written off, based purely on the action. But, in every circumstance lies the reason behind the behaviour – there is always the depth of the unseen events that amount to the catalyst for bad/self destructive behaviour.  

People often confuse ‘understanding’ with making ‘excuses’ for the behaviour: the two are entirely different.

It is always important to understand the reason behind someone’s behaviour because it helps us to make an informed judgement – it allows us to decipher whether that person needs a helping hand, some compassion or perhaps a swift kick up the backside…

More often than not a person behaving badly is in a lot of unprocessed emotional pain. They are usually completely unaware of these deep seated issues, or have no idea how to overcome them.

Writing such people off at a surface level, prevents an opportunity to perhaps help or guide them to the appropriate help. A person in that much pain is crying out for help (whether consciously or subconsciously).

Sometimes all it takes for someone to turn their life around, is knowing that someone cares enough to believe in them as a worthy human being. This level of understanding may just save someone from taking their own life.

Emotional pain and the behavioural after effects is more frequent than most of us realise. Please remember to make a conscious effort to understand the ‘reason’ before making a conclusive judgment.  A bit of kindness really can go a long way in helping someone else to have a brighter day.   


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