Through The Darkness.

Once trapped in the shadows,
It’s a dark, dark place.
It’s cold, you’re all alone,
You can’t find your way home.
You call out, but no one hears.
Now consumed by all your fears.
Dark shadows hover around,
Their screeches, a deafening sound.
You try your hardest to find the light,
But the darkness blocks your sight.
You feel weak, like you are dying –
Uncontrollable crying.
You pray to God, and hope he hears.
Will he send a saviour here?
Years of fighting for your way,
Lot’s of set backs everyday.
You look within, and start to cling,
To what is left of who you are.
It’s time to rise,
Out of the darkness of your life.
You hear a voice, an angel calling.
Run towards it, without falling.
Quick, it’s over there.
Can you see it, oh yes you can.
It’s a light and it’s bright,
Like a candle in the night.
You are here, you are free,
God did send for thee.
Trapped in the shadows no more,
Now home, where you’ve always belonged.

I wrote this poem in 2009 about the
challenges of working through
my drug addiction.
It's one of the hardest challenges of my
life, but one I'm proud to say I've fought
hard to overcome.
Emerging through any type of darkness

is an arduous task,
but one we must never
stop striving for.

Thanks for reading.
Stacey X

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