Spirituality – The Place I call Home.

Spirituality can mean a variety of things to different people. Ultimately it’s a deeply personal belief – there is no right or wrong, it’s what is right for the individual. For me, it’s about honouring my personal truth by stepping outside of my ego; this helps to keep me grounded and allows me to focus on where my life needs to go next.  

Throughout my drug addiction, my spirituality was the only thing that helped my soul find redemption – it’s what drove me back to the essence of my true-self. I’ve strayed off path many times in various different ways, and each time it’s that spiritual foundation that helps guide me back home – to me.  

Over the last few months through yoga and deep meditation my third eye has activated, I’ve had a deep awakening and my personal truth has come to the surface once again.

I now clearly see that in the last couple of years I have unknowingly pulled my focus away from my spirituality by focusing too much on my mind. I became so obsessed with changing my thoughts and mindset, so obsessed with thinking that I needed to ‘better’ myself, that I hadn’t realised I was actually losing myself in the process, and pushing away what I truly desire.

Don’t get me wrong, having a good mindset certainly plays its part in creating a great life for yourself, but there is a deeper underlying energetic component that lurks behind the shadows. And in ‘remembering’ this, I’ve realised that my mind has never been where I get my greatest growth from.

It’s beyond my mind to my inner knowing, my soul, my very being that guides me to exactly where I’m meant to be.

As a spirit who is having a human experience, this blissful spiritual state is hard to maintain on a permanent basis, that physicality of our mind – that unconscious ego is strong and does all it can to dominate.

In knowing this, I’m sure I will be taken off path many more times, but, for now, I will relish in this connected knowingness that I have once again come home.

It is in this place, the stillness of my being that I am so very grateful. It is the only place I can recognise how much I have learnt and how much I have grown – it is the place where all new destinations begin from…

Get ready, get set, it’s time for a new – Go!

I’d love to hear in the comments section: what helps you stay grounded (it is different for everyone)?

As always thanks for reading.

Stacey X



2 Comments on “Spirituality – The Place I call Home.”

  1. LOVE this, Stace.

    “…foundation that helps guide me back home – to me.” Beautiful.

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