Silence Is More Powerful Than Righteousness.

Sometimes there is power in silence – a lesson that has taken me a long time to realise…

The need to be right is nothing more than self-righteousness – the ego bathing in all of its ugly glory.

When we feel under attack or wronged by another, the egoic mind perceives this as a threat that is a matter of life or death. Perhaps this is why we often feel the need to fight until the last word, for it is only as the last man standing that the ego can feel a sense of safety in being the victor.

I cannot say that at times this green eyed monster doesn’t rear its ugly head, after all, I haven’t quite reached the heights in evolution as say the Dalai Lama for example. But, what I have learned is when my righteousness was at its worst, I was at my worst. I was incredibly unhappy, insecure and self-loathing in the miserable life I had unconsciously created for myself.

I constantly felt attacked, and that made me behave in a defensive manner, which was really due to the deep hatred I was subconsciously inflicting on myself. When we feel a deep sense of security within ourselves, there is nothing another can say that will hurt us, or should I say make our egos feel threatened.

It is in this place of ‘being’ that we become our most powerful-selves. It is here that we realise the power resides in what we choose not to say.

It is very easy to succumb to the egoic need to wound another, but hurting another to make our own wounded-self feel better must not be confused with real personal power. Real personal power means that we can recognise our own personal pain in the mirror image of our rivals. When we see this, it allows us to have the strength and compassion to give our rivals one of the most important things you can ever give to someone – mercy.

In giving our opponent mercy we also allow this mercy to shine through as a healing light to our own wounds. After all everybody has a story, we all suffer whether it’s unconsciously or in silence.

We need to remember when we feel our egos rising, that being righteous does not make you right, and above all else, we must remember the power lies in the silence of your mercy!

What’s a self-righteous moment that you have learned from? When we can openly and honestly recognise these moments, our personal power comes alive!

– Stacey

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