Deep Pain, Brings Deep Connection.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had so many in-depth conversations with people: old friends, new friends and clients.

These conversations were so meaningful that I found myself reflecting on why. Each of us, although different, had one commonality that allowed the conversation to run so deep: we have all endured deep emotional pain.

It’s very easy to let such pain trap you in the clutches of victimhood, but each of us has risen above that in our own unique way. Lessons have been learned that has expanded our compassion to the world around us.

On one hand it makes me sad to think of how many people in this world are suffering immeasurable emotional pain, but on the other hand, I can’t help but feel we are better, more compassionate people because of it.

That doesn’t mean that the pain hasn’t scarred us deeply – it has, oh, it definitely has. But without the pain, would we be as understanding and compassionate towards others? I don’t think so. Would we ever grow and adult-black-and-white-collaboration-935870evolve within ourselves? No, I don’t think so. And without the pain, would we ever strive to help others? Would we be able to relate to someone else’s hardships, and use that as a driving force to create positive change? No, I really don’t think so!

You would think having deep conversations with people about their pain would make me feel depressed, but I believe the opposite to be true. Small talk and light conversation has its place in society, but quite frankly it bores me rather quickly.

Getting deep makes me feel alive and energised. The beauty of such vulnerability warms the cockles of my heart, and deeply nourishes my soul. Maybe it’s because these interactions remind me that I am not alone – we are not alone, or maybe, it’s because these deep and meaningful conversations bring out the purity of love and kindness.

I’m not quite sure, but whatever it is, I’m deeply thankful for it! Thankful that these people feel safe enough to share their pain with me, thankful that my pain may make them feel comforted in some small way, just as their pain makes me feel comforted.

You see, bad things happen to people everyday, a sad but factual reality of human existence; however, where great pain lies, great beauty resides. When we are able to open our hearts to another, that love, I believe, is what ultimately sets our pain free!

Thanks for reading

– Stacey

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