The Balance Between Action And Divine Timing.

Too much of anything is never a good thing! If we sit and do nothing, then expect things to fall into our lap, chances are we will be waiting a long time. However, doing too much, also has its downsides.

Universal law tells us that everything happens in its time and in its place, and no amount of pushing will ever hurry the Universe along!

When we try to force a door that is not ready to be opened, it means one of two things: the timing and circumstances haven’t yet aligned for us, or what we are trying to obtain is not right for us at all.

As a control freak (I’m working on that), I’ve had a lot of experience in trying to mess with Divine Timing, and I’m telling you, it never ends well – the Universe ALWAYS wins.

When something is not right for us at all and we push to get it – undesirable things tend to happen… It could be that we’re pushing for a relationship and our partner turns out to be a real jerk, or perhaps, we’re pushing for a business deal and we end up losing all of our invested money.

These undesirable things happen because we thought we knew better than the Universe and decided to force a door that did not want to be opened. This doesn’t mean that we don’t learn valuable lessons from these experiences, but it does mean that we’ve chosen a harder road to go down that has painful consequences.

birdcage-colored-smoke-dock-1311567You see, when something is right for us, Divine Timing has things lined up and absolutely everything falls into place – effortlessly!

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need to take action to achieve our desires, it just means that when we push and the Universe doesn’t respond, then we need to back off and assess the situation. Is it us that’s interfering in the situation or the Universe?

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I taking so much action that nothing is consistent or getting completed at all? And, if I am managing to complete things, is it getting executed well and to a high standard?
  • Am I wanting this desired outcome so badly that my desperation (fear based emotion, which translates into a lack of belief in myself) is actually pushing away the very thing I desire?
  • Is what I desire truly right for me, and if it is, then is the timing of it right?

The common problem with all of these scenarios is a need to control the situation – a lack of trust in the Universe, and this is where too much action is not a good thing. There needs to be a level of trust in the Universal order of Divine Timing.

An example that comes to mind is my book that I’m writing. I easily smashed out 36,000 words in under a month but then hit a wall. I tried to force things for a while but then realised I was pushing a door that wasn’t ready to be opened, and I now know exactly why that door isn’t ready to be opened.

I could easily force myself to sit there and finish the book, but the book would not be to my highest standard. As I’m writing a non-fiction book that’s based on my experiences, I came to realise that the experiences I need to finish the book have not yet occurred. I need to wait for Divine Timing to provide those experiences, and I trust wholeheartedly that they will come when they are meant to.

You see, if I tried to force it, my book would be written from my head and not my heart – and that my friends, is the difference between a good book and an exceptional book, and I know which one I’d prefer!

Often our ego’s think we know better, which is why we try to push in the first place. But, how many times in hindsight have we been able to look back and see that we were actually quite ignorant to all the varying factors that thankfully hindered the situation.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a situation not go my way that devastated me at the time, only to get further down the track and realise it was actually a blessing in disguise. It’s only when something better occurs that we are able to see why the Universe was preventing us in the first place. What’s that old saying “hindsight is a wonderful thing”? Indeed, it is, which is why we must learn to have faith in Divine Timing.

For me, what helps keep this faith is turning to my spirituality, which is balance-balancing-calm-2597205about slowing down – connecting to my ‘being’ through the stillness of the present moment. This connection to ‘being’ is what enables us to LET GO (of our egos need to control), and trust that the Universe has our back.

There is no need to rush, push, or force anything, because EVERYTHING does happen exactly when it is meant to!

Monks and Yogi’s understand this better than anyone, which is why they slow down and dedicate their lives to the ancient practices of yoga and meditation – their enlightenment teaches them to ‘just be’.

Obviously, we aren’t all at this level of enlightenment where we want to dedicate our entire lives to this way of living, but the point here is that too much action is just as bad as not enough.

When we are in harmony with the Universe, her flow becomes our flow, we move effortlessly as one – just the way we were designed to be!

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Thanks for reading.

– Stacey

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