‘Influencers’ – A Fancy Word For A Manipulator.

I read this fantastic blog post a few weeks ago called ‘Why I dislike Influencers’ – By V Millennial Life Crisis.

She talked about the lack of integrity with a lot of these so called social media ‘influencers’, and it really got me thinking about how narcissistic and manipulative these types of people can be.

After all, the term influence means to ‘affect and change the way someone else thinks or behaves’, which to me, has a very manipulative undertone to it.

Some may cry “But, I’m trying to influence people in a positive way”, and to that I say “But, who says your way is positive or the ‘right’ way?’. Just because you think it is, doesn’t make it factual or right for other people.

I really have to wonder about the true motives of those who make the conscious effort to ‘influence’ anyone. Do they really care for people, or is it more of a desire to fluff up their own sense of self – compensation for their personal inadequacies?

When I look to the genuine people who have truly made a positive impact on the world, it happened organically by simply being themselves and sharing the vulnerability of their own personal experiences. They weren’t intentionally setting out to ‘influence’ people.

As Mahatma Gandhi famously said “Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world but to change ourselves”.

Genuine people know they have no power in ‘changing’ another, nor do they have the desire to! The point of life is to learn, grow, and evolve within ourselves. When we do this, it has a ripple effect, that may or may not, inspire others to grow in their own way.

We should never place or try to force our expectations onto another, this is not the way to ‘influence’ people in a positive way; this is ego based manipulation that is nothing more than self-serving adoration.

When we learn or experience something that may be of value to somebody, it is our duty to share that growth, without trying to persuade or ‘influence’! If people find what you are sharing is useful to them, they will enact on it all by themselves – no manipulation necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, wanting to contribute to the world in a positive way is obviously a wonderful thing, BUT, you do this by leading with your example, not by intentionally trying to ‘influence’ people!

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Thanks for reading.

 – Stacey

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