Writing And Poetry – In The Eye Of The Beholder.

Poetry and writing in general is something I’ve done privetly for many, many years. It’s like a little piece of your soul goes into each creation. I think that’s why I’ve always been too scared to share it publicly.

This year I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and share my heart online – baring a part of my soul, and some of my deepest, darkest secrets… It’s something that’s been incredibly cathartic and empowering!

I’ve also entered a couple of poetry competitions — something that’s hard to do for someone who has a fear of rejection. But, to my surprise, I’ve obviously outgrown this fear because each poem I’ve submitted hasn’t even reached the long-list, let alone the short-list.

Sure, I felt slightly rejected for a minute, I think most would feel disapointed on some level. But, for the first time, I don’t feel deterred or feel like my writing/poetry isn’t good enough. It really does come down to personal preference. J. K Rowling had her Harry Potter manuscript rejected several times before she got a publishing deal, and we all know that series is some of the best writing you will ever see.

Persistance and determination is the key, and that is something I’m very commited to achieving. Writing is my passion, my calling and something that I could never live without. It is something that I absolutely refuse to give up on!

So, the judges didn’t like my poem ‘THE FLOWER’, but I didn’t write it for them, I wrote it for my friend who was in the midst of overcoming cancer. It was created to give warmth to her heart, not win the approval of strangers.

Some may like it, some may not, but that’s what writing is all about: touching those who are ready to see what lies in the eye of the beholder.



A seedling she was, struggling to break through the ground.

It was a cold and dark place, somewhere she knew she did not belong.

But perhaps, a necessary place to root her foundations…

Great strength comes from the darkness, it’s the only place from which you can recognise the light.

She quietly sat in her pain, knowing that one day, the rain would come.

She needed the rain to nourish her, to help her grow strong.

It was the only way she could emerge from beneath the ground.

Many feared the rain would drown her, that she’d be kept way down deep amongst the darkness.

But she knew that they were wrong, she knew she’d have the strength to go on.

When the rain did come, it hit her hard, the force was so strong.

It tried to drown her, but her resolve to break ground was stronger.

Rather than retreat into the mud, she faced the rain head on.

As the raindrops hit her face, to her surprise, it washed away her tears.

She could now feel herself rising…

As she grew, she felt a warmth unlike anything she had ever felt before.

She looked up at this warmth, and then down at herself – the seedling she once was, had grown into a flower.

It was in this moment that she realised: that in order for the seedling to blossom into this

full grown flower, she needed it all – the loneliness of the darkness, the pain of the

drowning rain, and the growth from the warming sun.

It is only now in full bloom that she is able to appreciate the darkness.

She has struggled, she has strived, she has now blissfully arrived.

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Thanks for reading.

– Stacey

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