You Either Have Integrity Or You Are A Hypocrite.

Integrity is one of my core values. I feel that without it, there’s a lack of wholeness within one’s character – self-respect is missing, and that makes it incredibly hard for others to respect you in return.

Integrity, comes in various different forms, but ultimately, it’s about having high moral principles that you adhere to, regardless of what others may think of you. It’s also about upholding those principles even when no one is watching!

I’ve always had the ability to see through the façade of someone’s behaviour – an understanding of the deeper psychology that drives, the often, unpleasant or destructive behaviour.

This ability, has always allowed me to show compassion where most do not. But, I have to admit, a lack of integrity within a person is something I struggle to show empathy for. Yes, it’s true, a person without integrity (otherwise known as a hypocrite) is usually filled with deep seated insecurities and an underlying dose of self-hatred – in knowing this, I should be able to show some compassion towards hypocrites, but, on my core value scale: integrity, sits higher than compassion.

I was raised to tell the truth, something that isn’t always popular, especially with those who are afraid or in denial of the truth. But, seriously, why would you care if a truth denier doesn’t like you?

This, of course, doesn’t mean you run around deliberately hurting people’s feelings – there is always a gentle way to say what needs to be said. But, lying or pretending to agree with someone or something that goes against your personal values just to ensure that you are liked, is nothing short of being gutless! If people want to judge and dislike you for having different values, then take that as a clear sign – these are not the type of people you would want to hang around anyway.

Recently, a well known and prominent person in my hometown passed away. I won’t pretend to know him well – we were just on an acquaintance level. I did, however, admire and respect him greatly. Why? Because, he had the the utmost integrity. Nothing and no one came before the upholding of his core values and principles.

He was disliked by many because of this, especially for some of his ‘politically incorrect’ views, but he didn’t give a stuff – he knew who he was, what he stood for, and was unashamedly proud of it. Although many disliked his honesty, many, many more loved and respected him for it.

This man and the term hypocrisy could never be said in the same sentence! He even left instructions before he died to remove a particular person if they came to his funeral because of their clash in values – he couldn’t stand to go against them, even in death.

I only wish there were more people in the World like this. Unfortunately, too many are so concerned about what others may think of them, that they forget to check in on what they think about themselves.

A lack of integrity may make you more popular with the supposed ‘in’ crowd, but it will never make you respected by those in the RIGHT crowd!

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Thanks for reading.

– Stacey

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