Those Who Dislike Truth, Are Those Who live Behind Lies.

Families, we’ve all got them, but, that doesn’t mean that we particularly like or get along with them, especially when you have those who prefer to hide behind lies!

This week some of my Dad’s family have been up in arms after discovering my blog. I haven’t spoken to most of them since my Dad’s passing seven years ago, and this week I’ve been reminded of why.

Some of them are quite unpleasant people who can’t handle hearing the truth – true ‘victim’ players who never accept responsibility for their own behaviour. They most definitely can’t survive unless they are creating some sort of drama to enhance their otherwise dull and miserable lives.

In one of my previous articles ‘Domestic Violence – Not Always Black And White’, I BRIEFLY mentioned (the article was actually about my parents and I) how my Uncle and eldest half sister used to encourage my Dad to drink, which is one hundred per cent correct and truthful!

Apparently, my sister’s partner whom I will call Mr Would Be (you know: Mr Would Be if he could be – a two bob snob who thinks he is better than everyone) and my Uncle’s wife whom I will call Mrs Would Be (because: she Would Be the matriarch of the ‘Sellars’ [my last name] family, if she were actually a ‘Sellars’), are incensed that I would dare to write the truth about my actual blood relatives.

Both of them rang my second oldest sister whom I will call Miss Kind (because: she has the most beautiful heart and soul) and abused the crap out of her. Why? Because, both of them are too gutless to contact me directly, so they both targeted the soft and innocent Miss Kind.

Mrs Would Be, was yelling at Miss Kind – demanding her to wipe me from her life. Yes, you heard correctly: an OUTSIDER who is merely married to my Uncle, is demanding that Miss Kind stops speaking to her BLOOD related sister. Totally crazy, isn’t it?!

It’s actually quite sad, I haven’t spoken to my Uncle since Dad died because of his trouble making wife. I would happily speak to my Uncle (I know my Dad would love that), but I won’t, because I absolutely will not tolerate the drunken ranting’s and interference from his wife. And, I know my Dad would understand that – he couldn’t stand Mrs Would Be or Mr Would Be either for that matter!

When Dad died Mr Would Be abused my Mother on the phone because apparently having Dad’s funeral at 10 o’clock on a Monday morning was an man-wearing-brown-suit-jacket-mocking-on-white-telephone-1587014inconvenience for them. He screamed at Mum “What sort of a fucking idiot has a funeral at 10 o’clock on a Monday morning?” Considering I used to work in the Funeral Industry I’d like to say: NEWS FLASH ARSEHOLE, every Monday morning, year in, year out, people have funerals at that time! I think that pretty much sums up the type of person he is anyway! Don’t you?

They have a real distaste for my Mother and I because as I mentioned before, people like that have an aversion to the truth. They have so much self-hatred that it’s easier to live behind lies, than it is to face the scariness of the truth – the truth that they are very unhappy and self-loathing people. Rather than have the courage to face this, they choose to bury their pain in booze, and deflect their character faults on to those who represent what they fear most. Truth!

My Mother and I are as truthful as they come, not just towards other people, but about ourselves. We aren’t afraid to admit our faults and past mistakes, and that frightens the shit out of people who choose to live in the safety of lies.

But, that’s okay, I understand that everyone is on their own journey and will evolve at their own pace…

The silver lining for me out of this whole ‘dramatic’ escapade is:

  • I’m so glad that I’ve learnt to love and accept myself, it really is the most peaceful place to be!
  • I’m really grateful for the family members who bring me love and joy, especially my sister Miss Kind – her and I have a special and unbreakable bond that I will always treasure.
  • When you choose to walk away from toxic people, it’s very empowering to know that your life is far better for it.

Some people hate me for my honesty, but I’ve reached a point where I am totally fine with that. The people who are worthy of being in my life, love me for it – I realised a long time ago that the truth really does set you FREE!

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Thanks for reading.

– Stacey

2 Comments on “Those Who Dislike Truth, Are Those Who live Behind Lies.”

  1. I think you’re right! Honesty is the most beautiful and scary thing because it uncover truths, but can also be healing. Idk if that made sense, but you’re right, we should be honest about ourselves


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