You Become Who You Hang Around And What You Put Your Attention To!

Last weekend I flew to the Gold Coast for a business seminar put on by the folks who are running the online business and marketing course I’m doing. The course has a Facebook group of around 3500 members, where we post videos, photos, ask questions, and more importantly, it’s where we all support and encourage each other.

When I first joined, I couldn’t believe the positive culture within the group; often the online world breeds hatred and negativity. In the six months I’ve been a member, I can honestly say I have not seen one nasty comment (although I’ve heard there has been a couple of them, but those people are removed before that toxicity can spread).

We live in a World where it’s so easy to throw hatred at people as a ‘keyboard warrior’, the intention to knock another down in order for the attacker to feel better about their own insecurities.

I think we’ve all (at one stage or another) fallen into that trap of saying something online that really doesn’t represent our finest hour. But, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately: how utterly insane is it to argue with complete strangers online (usually over who’s opinion is ‘right’)? And, even worse, how sick and twisted is it to troll someone with the intention to break them spiritually and emotionally! I guess it gives us a glimpse into how deep and dark their own pain is…

Six years ago, Australian celebrity Charlotte Dawson was bullied and trolled so badly that she took her own life. I remember looking at the comments after she died and those disgusting trolls were still tormenting her, even in death. There were comments like “Good, so glad you killed yourself” and “The world is better without people like you”. I thought to myself “Are you kidding me! Are people really so filled with hatred that they are stooping to a level of darkness where I am genuinely concerned for the morality of their soul?”

It angered me so much that I bit back at these online trolls, but here lies the problem: in doing that, all I did was feed their hunger for hatred, I helped spread that toxicity like cancer. Why? Because, anger cannot defuse hatred, only love can do that. We must remember that our anger (even though it often comes from a disdain towards injustice) is a part of the problem, not the solution.

We will never change the minds of those so blinded by the darkness of hate, that they cannot see the light of love. So what can we do to be a part of the solution? It’s simple: we need to stop trying to shine our light onto those who are lost in the dark.

Where attention goes, energy flows! That was my main take away from attending the seminar last weekend. I was a bit nervous about going to the IMG_3842event on my own. Yes, I have had some interaction with these people online, but essentially I didn’t know anyone. I had some fears walking in: will I like anyone? Will they like me? Are they really as nice as they seem online?

I tried not to have any expectations, other than to just enjoy the content of the seminar. And,  to my surprise, it wasn’t really the content that was the highlight (although the content was excellent), it was meeting so many positive and friendly people from all over the World.

It was an extremely diverse group of around 300 people, I met some fellow Aussies, people from Sweden, Kenya, Switzerland, London, America – just IMG_3807about every nationality was in the room. And, although we were all very different, we all had one commonality: every single person in that room wants to be living their best life!

Because of this, everyone’s attention was flowing in the direction of positivity, each individual had their light shining. What do you think happens when 300 individual lights come together? That’s right, everyone’s light (energy) starts to merge as one – magnifying the intensity of positive power. Like I said “where attention goes, energy flows”.


I can honestly say, this was one of the best experiences of my life, and now I’ve made so many new friends who also want that light to be the focal point of expansion in their lives. After this experience, I have to seriously ask myself (and you, the reader), why would I choose the coldness of the dark, when I have the choice to choose the warmth of the light?


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Thanks for reading.

– Stacey

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