The Depths Of Drug Addiction.

When I look back to my drug taking days, it seriously frightens the shit out of me. How I’m not dead, I really don’t know. People have died for less than what I put myself through. In hindsight, I can see now that I was subconsciously trying to kill myself. I thought nothing at taking […]

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Addiction Is Only Simple To The Ignorant.

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn that reminded me of how ignorant people can be when it comes to drug addiction (or any addiction for that matter). This chap’s post said: “Don’t resort to taking harmful drugs in a bid to cure wounds of the past. Your errors don’t define you, your reaction does. […]

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Through The Darkness.

Once trapped in the shadows, It’s a dark, dark place.   It’s cold, you’re all alone, You can’t find your way home.   You call out, but no one hears. Now consumed by all your fears. Dark shadows hover around, Their screeches, a deafening sound.   You try your hardest to find the light, But […]

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